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скачать  Basis of business-planning / Otv. red. ABOUT. Oliynyk. - Ukrainian Consulting Network 14.04.2009 10:24:50 Kudashev In. 515.8 КБ
скачать  Business планировани 14.04.2009 10:24:08 Халтаева V.R., I.A. yakovlev. 851.2 КБ
скачать  The business plan of the company for производствуV of bread and bakery products. The method for perf 14.04.2009 10:23:24 Мантанова S.A.., Норполова L.A. 265.3 КБ
скачать  The methodical manual on drawing up of business-plans with the use of the software product "Project 14.04.2009 10:21:14 Shapiro LEONID 242.7 КБ
скачать  Management of corporate programs: information systems and mathematical models 13.04.2009 10:22:33 Glamazdin E.S., Novikov D.A.Tsvetkov A. 702.2 КБ
скачать  аспределенные systems of decision-making in the management of regional development 13.04.2009 10:21:34 Gilyov S.E., Leont'ev S.V., Novikov DMITRY 232.6 КБ
скачать  Models and mechanisms of the distribution of costs and benefits in market economy 13.04.2009 10:20:49 Burkov V.N., Горгидзе I.I. Novikov, D.A., Yusupov B.S. 248.4 КБ
скачать  Insurance mechanisms in socio-economic systems 13.04.2009 10:19:41 Burkov V.N., Заложнев A.YU., Kulik O.S.., Novikov D.A. 549.8 КБ
скачать  Exchange mechanisms in the economy of the transition period 13.04.2009 10:18:55 Burkov V.N., Deputy governor., Сочнев S.V., Хулап G.S. 426.7 КБ
скачать  Mechanisms of financing of programs of regional development 13.04.2009 10:17:57 Burkov V.N., Заложнев A.YU., Leont'ev S.V., Novikov D.A., Chernyshev R.A. 545.7 КБ
скачать  The individual strategies of labor supply 13.04.2009 10:17:19 Barkalov S.A.., Novikov D.A. Popov S.. 673.2 КБ
скачать  Active forecast 13.04.2009 10:16:34 Novikov D.A., A. g. chkhartishvili 539.6 КБ
скачать  Economic-mathematical models of management of development of branch of manufacture 13.04.2009 10:16:02 Burkov V.N., Джавахадзе G.S. 1.00 МБ
скачать  Economic-mathematical model of managing the production of construction materials 13.04.2009 10:15:04 Burkov V.N., Джавахадзе G.S. 323.8 КБ
скачать  Tasks of the department of material-technical supply in a market economy 13.04.2009 10:07:14 Barkalov S.A.., Burkov V.N., Chicken FRAGMENTS., Models NN 298.5 КБ
скачать  Models and methods of optimization of regional programs of development of 13.04.2009 10:04:46 Andronnikova N.G., Barkalov S.A.., Burkov V.N., Kotenko A.M.. 476.9 КБ
скачать  Complex estimation in problems of regional management. 13.04.2009 10:03:38 Andronnikova N.G., Burkov V.N., SERGEY leontiev 380.5 КБ
скачать  The educational-methodical manual for the course "Economic-mathematical methods and models. Linear d 13.04.2009 10:03:05 Алесинская T.V.., E. Serbin, Kataev A.V. 737.0 КБ
скачать  Training manual on solution of problems of the course "Economic-mathematical methods and models" 13.04.2009 10:02:15 Алесинская T.V. 963.3 КБ
скачать  Brief information on stochastic financial mathematics 13.04.2009 10:01:17 Drums AU 278.5 КБ
скачать  Model deterministic factor analysis in economics 13.04.2009 10:00:42 Vovk S.. 676.9 КБ
скачать  Mathematical methods of processing expert information 13.04.2009 09:59:59 V.I. tinyakova 590.2 КБ
скачать  Mathematical modelling and study of the national economy 13.04.2009 09:59:26 Ross S. 1.11 МБ
скачать  Equilibrium analysis of mathematical models of the economy with non-standard prices: a Training manu 13.04.2009 09:58:35 Marakulin V. m.. 1.09 МБ
скачать  Modeling of risk and risk situations 13.04.2009 09:57:28 V.I. Maksimov, O.I. nikonov. 474.3 КБ
скачать  Workshop on application of economic-mathematical models for the formation of the product (production 13.04.2009 09:56:33 Likhachev, L.N., I.N. shchepina, Воищева O.S.., Щекунских S.S.. 377.3 КБ
скачать  Methods of optimization 13.04.2009 09:55:52 Харчистов B.F.. 829.1 КБ
скачать  Elements of economic-mathematical modeling 13.04.2009 09:55:10 Давнис V.V., I.N. shchepina, Mokshina SHRAM, Воищева O.S.., Щекунских S.S.. 297.6 КБ
скачать  The search for solutions with Excel 2000 13.04.2009 09:54:29 Белобродский A.V. Gritsenko, M.A. 401.7 КБ
скачать  Correlation-regression analysis of the relationship of the indicators of commercial activities with 13.04.2009 09:53:49 Бараз V.R. 1.16 МБ
скачать  Financial mathematics 13.04.2009 09:53:08 Zuev SHEVCHENKO, Pizhev I.S. 379.6 КБ
скачать  Operations research 13.04.2009 09:52:18 Mikhailov IGOR 227.9 КБ
скачать  Modeling of economic and production processes 13.04.2009 09:51:36 Baeva N.B. 354.5 КБ
скачать  Efficiency of functioning of the information centre of the technical university 12.04.2009 15:35:47 117 E 2.14 МБ
скачать  Information systems in economics 12.04.2009 15:34:53 Orlov M. 303.1 КБ
скачать  Economy and sociology of non-productive sphere 12.04.2009 15:34:15 Menshikov G.A. 958.4 КБ
скачать  Economics of the family and the household 12.04.2009 15:33:32 Tjugashev E.A. 1.15 МБ
скачать  The household economy and the surrounding society 12.04.2009 15:32:40 Tjugashev EA 2.17 МБ
скачать  Tourism economy 12.04.2009 15:31:38 Меняйло G.V. 166.2 КБ
скачать  Organization and economics of construction 12.04.2009 15:30:59 Белоликов V.T.Bondar A.M.., Птухина I.S. 2.85 МБ