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скачать  Analysis of currency crisis: the model of the first generation 04.10.2008 21:58:24 Moiseev With., Курилец And. 244.2 КБ
скачать  Management of activity of the credit organizations (bank management) 04.10.2008 21:56:25 Polishchuk A. AND. 265.7 КБ
скачать  Banken in Russland 04.10.2008 21:54:06 Detlev Hummel, Julia Plakitkina 424.1 КБ
скачать  Accounting and audit in commercial banks 04.10.2008 21:53:21 Bondarenko E. 378.5 КБ
скачать  Banking audit 04.10.2008 21:52:16 Соколинская N. E. 116.8 КБ
скачать  Financial engineering in the bond market 04.10.2008 21:41:10 Vorobyova Z.A.. 352.7 КБ
скачать  System analysis and financial engineering 04.10.2008 21:40:00 Ерешко F. AND. 226.3 КБ
скачать  Forecasting of stock indices 04.10.2008 21:38:51 Недосекин And. ABOUT. 604.7 КБ
скачать  Optimization of stock portfolios using fuzzy-multiple descriptions 04.10.2008 21:37:35 Недосекин And. ABOUT. 570.3 КБ
скачать  Optimization of model stock portfolios in the conditions of significant uncertainty 04.10.2008 21:36:26 Недосекин And. ABOUT. 433.7 КБ
скачать  New models and methods of forecasting of stock indices 04.10.2008 21:33:59 Недосекин And. ABOUT. 420.0 КБ
скачать  Monotonous stock portfolios and their optimization 04.10.2008 21:32:57 Недосекин And. ABOUT. 204.4 КБ
скачать  The correlation matrix and its role in the portfolio optimization 04.10.2008 21:31:53 Недосекин And. ABOUT., Bessonov E. 235.5 КБ
скачать  Introduction to the problem of forecasting of stock indices 04.10.2008 21:30:00 Недосекин And. ABOUT. 281.9 КБ
скачать  Stock management in vague terms 04.10.2008 21:27:05 Недосекин And. ABOUT. 2.28 МБ
скачать  Financial management in vague terms 04.10.2008 21:24:22 Недосекин And. ABOUT. 1.96 МБ
скачать  Fuzzy-multiple risk analysis of a stock investment 04.10.2008 21:22:07 Недосекин And. ABOUT. 1.54 МБ
скачать  Multi-criteria VAR in the real market options 04.10.2008 21:19:17 Агасандян G. A. 443.7 КБ
скачать  The evolution of the tax policy: the experience of Germany 04.10.2008 20:51:36 Соколинский In. M., Kostyuk A. N. 266.0 КБ
скачать  The financial mechanism of economic policy 04.10.2008 20:50:27 Соколинский In. M., Фаризов And. ABOUT. 258.5 КБ
скачать  The financial and investment potential of the economy (the myths and realities) 04.10.2008 20:49:05 The Bard In. WITH. 121.4 КБ
скачать  The theory of self-organization and strategy of economic reforms in Russia 04.10.2008 20:48:06 Думная N. N. 111.5 КБ
скачать  Theory of a large enterprise and prospects of development of the Russian economy 04.10.2008 20:47:12 A. YudanovYU. 384.4 КБ
скачать  System and the consistency in economic theory 04.10.2008 20:46:12 Думная N. N. 150.5 КБ
скачать  Russia: current level of development and readiness of the space 04.10.2008 20:45:13 M. A. Pivovarov 146.0 КБ
скачать  The risks of financial globalization 04.10.2008 20:44:16 Думная N. N. 145.4 КБ
скачать  Ордолиберализм: German conception of the economic order 04.10.2008 20:43:19 Соколинский In. M. Saveliev, L. G. 174.5 КБ
скачать  New theoretical approaches to the analysis of economic modernization 04.10.2008 20:42:15 Думная N. N. 154.7 КБ
скачать  Implicit forms of knowledge in the work of the manager 04.10.2008 20:41:06 M. A. Pivovarov 179.3 КБ
скачать  The Global economic interaction: the dialectic of the global and the local 04.10.2008 20:40:07 M. A. Pivovarov 225.4 КБ
скачать  Contrasts mentality: or are willing to do the russians to the market? 04.10.2008 20:31:17 Соколинский In. M., Фаризов And. ABOUT. 173.4 КБ
скачать  The transition economy through the eyes of physics 04.10.2008 20:16:08 A. Akaev 1.37 МБ
скачать  Fundamentals of economic psychology 04.10.2008 20:14:56 Соколинский In. M. 429.7 КБ
скачать  Macroeconomics. Theory and Russian practice 04.10.2008 20:13:28 under the editorship of Hraznova And. G., Думной N. N. 303.9 КБ
скачать  State and economy 04.10.2008 20:11:43 Соколинский In. M. 940.6 КБ
скачать  What is Russia in the future (macroeconomics, the stock market)? 04.10.2008 20:09:12 Mirkin I. M., Добашина And. IN. 171.3 КБ
скачать  *Fragmentation of the market of securities 04.10.2008 20:08:15 Тормозова T. IN. 256.5 КБ
скачать  *Fragmentation of the market of securities 04.10.2008 20:08:08 Тормозова T. IN. 256.5 КБ
скачать  Stock market: future growth or decline? 04.10.2008 20:07:10 Mirkin I. M., Добашина And. IN. 149.7 КБ
скачать  Financial analysis of the efficiency of investments in options and their combinations 04.10.2008 20:06:18 Недосекин And. ABOUT. 410.0 КБ