Drops on glass
A sheet of old paper with wrin" />

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PhotoShop lessons

Название: PhotoShop lessons
Автор: неизвестен
Категория: Computer graphics and multimedia
Тип: The Book
Дата: 06.08.2008 14:25:09
Скачано: 2
Описание: A shadow with a promising blurring
Red / red-Hot surface
The creation of The "chrome" object
Drops on glass
A sheet of old paper with wrinkles
The effect of microscope
Paint a black-and-white photograph
Game graphics: Bullet holes in the glass
Game graphics: Bullet marks on metal
And again - FIRE with Photoshop
Zzaga: Tortured Mind. Step-by-Step lesson
Draw clouds or smoke
Monochrome picture from a photo with Photoshop
The king of blood
Unexpected effects with the help of Radial Gradient
Векторизуем scanned logo
Grunge background
The creation of гранжевых brushes
Masking of complex objects
Newspaper sheet
Прилепляем tape
Polar Coordinates is more useful than you think!
The effect of a multi-layered rings
The Landscape. The view from the top.
Dirty metal surface
Draw hair
The effect of "color paper"
Shining explosion
Draw a bird feather
Foggy landscape
Make a color image to black-and-white
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