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e-books » Computer graphics and multimedia » All of Photoshop - Arsen Gukasov

All of Photoshop - Arsen Gukasov

Название: All of Photoshop
Автор: Arsen Gukasov
Категория: Computer graphics and multimedia
Тип: The Book
Дата: 06.08.2008 14:36:09
Скачано: 2
Описание: The phenomenon of the incredible popularity of the graphic editor Adobe on the expanses of the former SOVIET union have yet to explore psychologists, sociologists, linguists and other representatives of the inexact science. As an unsurpassed tool for professional work with raster images, Photoshop was able to win the millions of hard disks of the most inquisitive countries of the world. It can be found at the specialized graphic stations, office computers, laptops managers, home gaming computers, and also on every fourth collection of pirated software.
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