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e-books » Miscellaneous » Business communication. Business etiquette - I..Kuznetsov

Business communication. Business etiquette - I..Kuznetsov

Название: Business communication. Business etiquette
Автор: I..Kuznetsov
Категория: Miscellaneous
Тип: Manual
Дата: 26.08.2008 15:45:56
Скачано: 1
Описание: On the basis of analysis and generalization of domestic and foreign sources, sets out the basic theoretical positions, offers practical advice and tips, allowing to solve more effectively the problems in the area of increase of the level of business обшения.
An analysis of the main right-handed and recommendations, without the knowledge and implementation of which is impossible to maintain the reputation of a business person.
Special attention is paid to the problems of official, diplomatic and national etiquette. In applications предстаьлены stencils speeches business people, variants of drawing up of business letters and appeals.
For students of higher educational institutions, students of business schools, managers of all levels, all, who is interested in the issues of business communication.
Файл: 3.81 МБ