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The Constitution of Ukraine (in Russian)

Название: The Constitution of Ukraine (in Russian)
Автор: неизвестен
Категория: Legal science
Тип: Regulation
Дата: 27.08.2008 16:45:35
Скачано: 9
Описание: The Http Rada of Ukraine on behalf of the Ukrainian people - Ukrainian citizens of all nationalities, expressing the sovereign will of the people, based on centuries-old history of Ukrainian state-building and on the basis of the carried out by the Ukrainian nation, all the Ukrainian people the right to self-determination, taking care of the security of human rights and freedoms and of the worthy conditions of life, caring for the strengthening of civil harmony on the earth of Ukraine, striving to develop and strengthen a democratic, social, legal state, aware of the responsibility before God, our own conscience, past, present and future generations, guided by the Act of independence proclamation of Ukraine from Augusts, 24, 1991( 1427-12), approved December 1, 1991 the popular vote, adopts this Constitution - the fundamental Law of Ukraine.
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