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e-books » The Economy. Management » Innovation management - V.A. vasilenko, Shmatko V.G.

Innovation management - V.A. vasilenko, Shmatko V.G.

Название: Innovation management
Автор: V.A. vasilenko, Shmatko V.G.
Категория: The Economy. Management
Тип: Manual
Дата: 26.09.2008 23:09:56
Скачано: 0
Описание: Provides modern methods and approaches of the innovative management on the basis of the advanced domestic and foreign experience, existing theoretical and methodological provisions for renewal of individual products and production in modern conditions. The author analyses the peculiarities of the organizational forms of innovation companies, their tactics and policies at the various stages of the life cycle of products and organizations.
Considerable attention is paid to the issues of forecasting, planning and achieving the desired results, contributing to ннновацнонно>su enterprise development with regard to external and internal factors of environment. For the first time considered the techniques of system of continuous improvement of products and processes (СНУПП) on the basis of world experience "Kaizen". Are some of the approaches to the reflexive management in the conditions of competition and organization of management of innovations on the basis of choosing effective decisions and their evaluation.
For students of economic specialties, post-graduate students, teachers of higher educational institutions, entrepreneurs and managers of the practitioners. The book can be useful for everyone who is interested in the issues of effective management of innovations in the conditions of market relations.
Файл: 3.60 МБ