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Macroeconomics - Ивашковский S.N.

Название: Macroeconomics
Автор: Ивашковский S.N.
Категория: The Economy. Management
Тип: The Book
Дата: 26.09.2008 23:40:32
Скачано: 4
Описание: In the book readers will find information about the main directions and schools of macroeconomic analysis; understand, how are calculated macroeconomic indicators and construction of macroeconomic model; learn how to interact commodity and money markets; will get acquainted with the problems of an open economy and find the interpretation of the reasons for the prosperity of some countries, and the poverty of others.
Each chapter of the textbook contains a list of key terms and concepts, the main conclusions of the control questions and learning activities, which give the opportunity to reflect read the material and practical use of it in real situations. Answers to tests and tasks, recommended reading for an in-depth study of macroeconomics.
The book is intended for teachers and students of economic specialties of higher educational institutions, but due to availability of presentation may be useful to a wide audience of readers.
Файл: 4.38 МБ