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e-books » The Economy. Management » Macroeconomics: a short course - Луссе And.

Macroeconomics: a short course - Луссе And.

Название: Macroeconomics: a short course
Автор: Луссе And.
Категория: The Economy. Management
Тип: Manual
Дата: 26.09.2008 23:44:35
Скачано: 6
Описание: In the academic handbook concisely and accessibly presented all the main issues studied in the course of the "Macroeconomics". Special attention is given to analysis of the behavior of macroeconomic subjects, problems of economic equilibrium and the foundation of economic policy.
Books of the series "Short course" first of all oriented on students of evening and correspondence faculties, but they will be helpful in preparing for the exams and students-очникам. In particular, the book of the "Macroeconomics: a short course" is useful to students of economic faculties and specialties in preparation for passing of state examinations.
Файл: 1.10 МБ