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e-books » The Economy. Management » Taxes and taxation in the Russian Federation - В.Г.Пансков

Taxes and taxation in the Russian Federation - В.Г.Пансков

Название: Taxes and taxation in the Russian Federation
Автор: В.Г.Пансков
Категория: The Economy. Management
Тип: The Book
Дата: 27.09.2008 16:28:14
Скачано: 1
Описание: One of the most important implementation tools of economic policy of the state have always been and continue to be taxes. Especially clearly this is manifested in the period of transition from a command-administrative methods of management to the market relations, when in the conditions of the decreased capacity of the state influence on economic processes taxes become a real lever of state regulation of economy. However, the state only in that case can actually use taxes through their inherent functions, and first of all the fiscal and stimulating, if the company set up an atmosphere of respect to the tax, based on an understanding of how the economic necessity of the existence of the tax system, and the government of the rules of collection of specific taxes. In connection with this knowledge of tax legislation, the procedure and conditions of its functioning is a prerequisite for the perception of the tax culture of the society as a whole, and its each member.
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