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e-books » The Economy. Management » Value and capital - John R.Hicks

Value and capital - John R.Hicks

Название: Value and capital
Автор: John R.Hicks
Категория: The Economy. Management
Тип: The Book
Дата: 28.09.2008 16:27:30
Скачано: 1028
Описание: John Richard Hicks is one of the most famous and influential representatives of the contemporary bourgeois political economy. In many works of western authors describe him as one of the most prominent economists-theorists of our century.[Seefor example: M. В1аид. Great Economists since Keynes. An Introduction to the Lives and Works of One Hundred Modern Economists. Sussex, 1985, p. 91.]. Peru J. Hicks owns more than 20 books and dozens of articles, and in the center of the study were often the most important problems of political economy - the theory of value, demand and prices, wages, capital and profit, economic growth, industrial cycle, inflation etc. The most famous author of the brought repeatedly переиздававшаяся book"Cost of capital"that in western literature the reputation of the "classical work".
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