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English joking - Frank And.

Название: English joking
Автор: Frank And.
Категория: Linguistics. Languages
Тип: The Book
Дата: 05.10.2008 21:07:52
Скачано: 9
Описание: "English jokingly" includes about two hundred british and american jokes, the text of which was not subjected to any simplification and, therefore, contains a large number of widely употребляющейся vocabulary and a lot of conversational speed of the modern English language.
The book is adapted to master the language as comp: each story is repeated twice: first comes the English text with the "tips" - with impregnated in it word-for-word English translation and lexico-grammatical commentary (that is adapted), and then the same text, but already people who are not used, without prompts.
Beginners learn the English language may be read first the text with the tips, and then the same anecdote - without prompts. Improving their English can do the opposite: to read the text without prompts, as appropriate people in the tooltip.
Memorization of words and expressions is happening at the expense of their frequency of occurrence, without cramming. In addition, the reader accustomed to the logic of the English language, it begins to "feel ".
This book will relieve you from the stress of the first stage of the development of language - from mechanical search for each word in the dictionary and from infertile divination, what means the phrase, all the words of which you have already found.
The book is designed for the adult reader.
Файл: 242.9 КБ