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e-books » Physics » Optical telescopes. Theory and design. - Michelson N.N.

Optical telescopes. Theory and design. - Michelson N.N.

Название: Optical telescopes. Theory and design.
Автор: Michelson N.N.
Категория: Physics
Тип: The Book
Дата: 14.11.2008 19:33:48
Скачано: 5
Описание: In the book concisely outlines the geometric l
physical оптпка, optical scheme of the telescopes, the theory and design of the mechanics of the telescope, the system of management of it, and the materials required for the astronomical optics, methods of control and adjustment of modern large astronomical telescopes, as well as the specific of the astronomical observations. In the book systematically describes the main аедскты modern телескопостроеиия with the use of soviet and foreign materials.
Княга is designed for инжеяеров-телескопо-builders, scientists, senior students and post-graduate students of astronomy departments of universities and opto-меданических faculties of technical universities. The book will be 1полезна well as physicists and engineers interested in the design and theory of telescopes.
Drawings 302, tables 48, refs. 450.
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