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e-books » Physics » Basic problems of the mathematical physics - Decorations V.A.

Basic problems of the mathematical physics - Decorations V.A.

Название: Basic problems of the mathematical physics
Автор: Decorations V.A.
Категория: Physics
Тип: The Book
Дата: 14.11.2008 19:41:03
Скачано: 12
Описание: The book is written by an outstanding soviet mathematician V.A.Steklov. The first part of it is devoted to the classical Sturm - Liouville problem. Here, in particular, it is proved that the eigenfunctions of the Sturm - Liouville problem in the case of the three classical types of boundary conditions constitute a ортонормиро-paid basis in the space 1.d and specifies the exact theorems (theorems Steklov) of decomposition of functions in Fourier series on this basis.
In the second part of the book examines the basic boundary value problems for three-dimensional elliptic equation. In contrast to conventional methods, the solution of boundary value problems are presented in the form of a series on some of the special functions (functions of the Steklov). The interest for expansions in series of functions Steklov, which is a far-reaching generalization of the ball functions, the solutions of boundary value problems for elliptic equations becomes bigger and bigger.
First edition (in two volumes) was published in 1922, 1923.
The book may be useful for graduate students and research workers in mathematics and applied sciences. It can be used and students.
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