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e-books » Mathematics » The mathematical analysis on manifolds - M. Spivak

The mathematical analysis on manifolds - M. Spivak

Название: The mathematical analysis on manifolds
Автор: M. Spivak
Категория: Mathematics
Тип: The Book
Дата: 12.01.2009 13:14:56
Скачано: 68
Описание: The book is a modern bring in the multivariate analysis. The author consistently sign! the reader with concepts such as display мноп dimensional spaces and their differentials, диффере: special forms and operations over them, многообраз* in euclidean space. Further proved by society; Stokes theorem for differential forms on мноп образиях and from it displays a number of classical резул: tats: Green formulas, the usual formula Stokes and t. j from a reader of the required knowledge of the basics of analysis and element of linear algebra.
The book is available to the students of physico-математичесю departments of universities and пединститутов; читател with mathematical training in the volume of the wtu: and who wants to deepen their knowledge, learn from oz комства with it many benefits. It will interest mathematicians, teaching analysis.
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