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Moscow mathematical olympiad

Название: Moscow mathematical olympiad
Автор: неизвестен
Категория: Mathematics
Тип: The Book
Дата: 12.01.2009 13:44:30
Скачано: 308
Описание: This book is the fruit of years of collective work of the school mathematical circle at moscow state university, work, active participation in which were many students and teachers of Moscow state University, as well as pupils - members of the circle. Attribution of individual tasks would require at the moment it impossible research work.
The compiler and editor believe, however, it my duty to express gratitude to the following individuals who took part in the drafting of decisions and directives, and sometimes and in ascertaining the meaning of the "dark" tasks preparatory collections: D. M. Адельсону-Вельскому, In. L. Арлазарову, In. AND. Arnold, D. N. Bernstein, And. N. Bernstein, L. N. Вассерштейну, And. M. Габриэлову, And. M. Леонтовичу, With. IN. Kazakov, A.A.Kirillov, Of. А.Котию, Yu. AND. Манину, 3. А.Скопецу, E. AND. Славутину, Str. IN. Smirnova, A.L. Тоому, Etc. B. Fuchs, A.X. Хованскому, M. IN. Шейнбергу.
IN THE CITY. Болтянский. A.A.Leman
Файл: 3.38 МБ