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e-books » Mathematics » Nonlinear theory of elasticity English - A.I. Lurie

Nonlinear theory of elasticity English - A.I. Lurie

Название: Nonlinear theory of elasticity English
Автор: A.I. Lurie
Категория: Mathematics
Тип: The Book
Дата: 12.01.2009 13:52:45
Скачано: 109
Описание: The book contains a consistent presentation of the principles and techniques of consideration of the problems in the nonlinear theory of elasticity English is intensively developing in the last decades of the directions of the mechanics of solid deformable bodies.
Basic definitions and methods are explained in the direct tensor notation, which is accessible exposition.
The necessary information from tensor analysis set forth in the Annexes.
Considered by the laws of the state of compressible and incompressible nonlinear elastic body, setting and methods of solving the problem of the equilibrium and stability of equilibrium, given the place of the equations of thermoelasticity.
The book is intended for specialists in the theory of elasticity English in the scientific-research institutes and higher educational institutions. Read it requires no mathematical training that is beyond the scope of research programs of the faculties of technical universities. Table. 3, bibl. 111.
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