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e-books » Mathematics » Instability and catastrophes in science and technology - J. Thompson

Instability and catastrophes in science and technology - J. Thompson

Название: Instability and catastrophes in science and technology
Автор: J. Thompson
Категория: Mathematics
Тип: The Book
Дата: 12.01.2009 13:57:58
Скачано: 6
Описание: Many of the outstanding events in science related to the change of its language and the emergence of new terms and concepts. It is such changes was accompanied by the birth of the theory of catastrophes. Catastrophe theory found general regularities in many, at first sight absolutely different phenomena mechanics and physics and proposed a universal way to describe them.
In recent years, the Russian language has several excellent books on the theory of catastrophes: Arnold In. AND. The theory of catastrophes.- M.: T5-воМГУ, 1983; Of T. Stewart, I. Catastrophe theory and its applications.- M: Mir, 1980; Arnold In. AND., Варченко And. N., Gusein-Zade With. M. Singularities of diferentiable mappings. In 2 volumes. T. 1.-M: Nauka, 1982; T. 2.Slowdown; Brecker, T. L. LanderThe germs of differentiable and catastrophe.- M: Mir, 1977; M Golubitsky., Гийемин In. Stable mappings and their singularities.- M: Mir, 1977; R. Gilmore Applied theory of catastrophes. In 2 volumes.- M: Mir, 1984. Note also closely adjacent to the subjects of collection of translations "Strange attractors".- M: Mir, 1981. For the attention of the soviet readers of the book of the famous English scientist J.. Thompson will take among them a decent place. She almost does not interfere with the publications and written in a different style. This is not a monograph and not a textbook, but rather a kind of guide to the literature, containing a popular summary of the main ideas, often appealing to the physical intuition (and certain knowledge of the reader. The author illustrates the ideas on болыцом including well-chosen examples.
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