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General algebra - Курош A.G.

Название: General algebra
Автор: Курош A.G.
Категория: Mathematics
Тип: The Book
Дата: 12.01.2009 14:03:04
Скачано: 11
Описание: The name of an outstanding soviet algebraists Alexander Gennadievich Куроша widely known mathematicians all over the world. His monograph "the Theory of groups" and "Lectures on general algebra" *), translated into many languages and became reference books each algebraists.
In 1969, A. G. Курош began to read at the mechanics and mathematics faculty of Moscow university, a special course on General algebra". The aim of this course was to reasonably propose one of the possible ways of further development of general algebra - filling the existing gap between the classical sections of the (group theory, the theory of rings and etc.) and new (the theory of universal algebras, theory of categories). Severe disease interrupted the reading course long before his graduation. However, the author has written more than read, and written material was release in 1970 ротэпринтным way in moscow state university **).
In this book essentially repeats this edition with a minor drafting change. Added only a bibliography, dedicated to such algebraic structures, which are mentioned in the book, but which has not yet been taken called classical (for example, полугруды, кольцоиды, almost-rings, d-rings, multioperator groups and rings, etc.). List of works related to 1953- 1970 1G., was drafted by the author and supplemented by me works 1971-1972 gg. Bibliography of references is placed at the end of the book, is distributed according to paragraphs.
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