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International economics - Salvatore D.

Название: International economics
Автор: Salvatore D.
Категория: The Economy. Management
Тип: The Book
Дата: 08.03.2008 17:45:14
Скачано: 1022
Описание: Buying a laptop "Toshiba", tv "Sonny", car "Mercedes" or a bottle of beer "Back", tyres "Michelin", cognac "Courvoisier, "bag from Gucci, machine "Olivetti, "whiskey "G&b, "the cloak of the company Барберри american or american, ??'?, buy foreign goods. This is just some examples of the many products that are available to american consumers, product, which clearly made in other countries and imported. Often we do not realize that the products that we use, or part of them, actually made abroad. For example, imported fabric used in the costumes of american manufacturing, most of the parts and components of personal computers IBM in fact produced abroad (see example 1-1), a lot of shine with u.s. trademarks in fact fully produced abroad, tungsten, used in light bulbs, imported, as well as all the coffee that we drink, bananas, which we eat, etc.
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