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e-books » Psychology » Matter of taste - Lev Kassil

Matter of taste - Lev Kassil

Название: Matter of taste
Автор: Lev Kassil
Категория: Psychology
Тип: The Book
Дата: 15.07.2009 12:43:43
Скачано: 3
Описание: In this little book have their own, albeit modest and small, but
own history.
Twenty-five years ago, a year-before the Great Patriotic
the war, I began to speak with small reports and conduct friendly discussion
about the good and bad taste in workers and students'hostels, clubs
large enterprises, in the senior classes of secondary schools. Continuing this work in
the post-war years, not leaving it, and now, even considerably expanded its
the scope of, I could see that our youth has shown a growing interest in
the world of beauty, to the artistic values of the accumulated human
culture, it increasingly seeks to master the basics of aesthetics, to
deeper penetrate into every work of art and to be able to
versed in all the phenomena of art. And now, when raising a new
a man, a man of communist society, became one of the main
our worries, it is important to show the younger generation, as the same
is manifested in life, in art, in all our life tastes good and taste
the bad.
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