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e-books » Psychology » Cracked "I" - Р.Д.Лэнг.

Cracked "I" - Р.Д.Лэнг.

Название: Cracked "I"
Автор: Р.Д.Лэнг.
Категория: Psychology
Тип: The Book
Дата: 15.07.2009 12:59:04
Скачано: 0
Описание: The term "шизоидный" apply to the individual, the unity of the experiences
which split twofold way: first, there is a gap in his
relations with the world, and secondly, there is a split in his relation to the
himself. Such a personality is not able to relive myself "with"
the rest of the or "as at home" in this world, but, on the contrary, this individual is
experiencing himself in a state of desperate loneliness and isolation. More
that, he feels himself not as an integral personality, but rather in
the form of "split" all kinds of images: probably, as the mind, more or less
weakly associated with the body, as two or more "I" and the like.
In this book an attempt is made to
existential-phenomenological descriptions of some of the шизоидных and
schizophrenic individuals. However, before you start this description,
it is necessary to compare this approach with the approach of routine clinical psychiatry
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