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e-books » The Economy. Management » One-minute manager - Kenneth Blanchard And Spencer Johnson

One-minute manager - Kenneth Blanchard And Spencer Johnson

Название: One-minute manager
Автор: Kenneth Blanchard And Spencer Johnson
Категория: The Economy. Management
Тип: The Book
Дата: 25.01.2011 21:22:44
Скачано: 24
Описание: In this short history, we will introduce you with much of what we have learned about the capabilities of the best interaction between people, studying medicine and the science of behavior. The word "best" we mean such a relationship in which people achieve high results and the self-satisfied, its organization and its employees.
The allegorical story of "the one-minute Manager" is a simple compilation of what it has taught us many wise people and what we have learnt ourselves. We recognize the importance of these sources of wisdom. And we also know that the people who work under you, will seek in your own source of wisdom.
So we believe that you begin to use gleaned from this book knowledge in practice, day-to-day management issues, following a recommendation of the ancient sage Confucius: "the Essence of knowledge is, to have it, use it".
We hope that you will enjoy the use of what you will learn from Одноминутного Manager, and that you, yourself, and the people who work with you, the result will be a more healthy, happy and productive life.
Файл: 409.9 КБ