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e-books » Programming » The art of programming (the number 2) - Д.Кнут

The art of programming (the number 2) - Д.Кнут

Название: The art of programming (the number 2)
Автор: Д.Кнут
Категория: Programming
Тип: The Book
Дата: 03.08.2008 16:00:08
Скачано: 1
Описание: Each book has its own destiny. Some appear unnoticed and as imperceptibly disappear in the stream of time, covered with dust on the shelves of libraries. Other in a certain period of demand from a narrow circle of specialists who have to replace them is not come to the new directories. Third, rising over time, have a strong influence on the technological development of society. Books, belonging to the last category, not so мйого. Their output in the light - always a holiday. The years pass, changing technology, but the new generation with a constant interest re-read their pages. It is to such books include the proposed reader multivolume work of the famous american scientist Donald Ervin Knuth "the Art of programming'!
Nearly 30 years have passed since the first publication in 1972 in the USA this book. It has been translated in most languages, including English. By the present time on the territory of CIS countries which are E. E.Knut became a bibliographic rarity. In 1998 in the united states published the third edition of "the Art of programming" it saved sequence of presenting the material of previous versions, but considerably expanded the list of references, which includes the latest and most important results, new exercises and comments, fix errors. Given the popularity all over the world "the Art of programming" have to expect the new translation in the Russian language, which you hold in your hands.
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