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e-books » Programming » Automatic syntactic analysis - Дж.Фостер

Automatic syntactic analysis - Дж.Фостер

Название: Automatic syntactic analysis
Автор: Дж.Фостер
Категория: Programming
Тип: The Book
Дата: 03.08.2008 16:08:17
Скачано: 3
Описание: The book is devoted to a systematic review of methods of syntactic analysis, used in the compilation of programs for COMPUTERS. It is written at a high scientific level, but the reader does not require prior knowledge of formal grammars and the work of the compilers, but assumes only a familiarity with the basics of programming. The described algorithms are presented in somewhat modified Algol.
A consistent presentation of the problems of syntactic analysis of programming languages is of great interest for developers of systems programming. The book will be useful to students and post-graduate students involved in programming.
Файл: 363.5 КБ