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Visualization of multidimensional data - A.YU. Zinoviev

Название: Visualization of multidimensional data
Автор: A.YU. Zinoviev
Категория: Computer Science. Computers
Тип: The Book
Дата: 03.08.2008 18:40:57
Скачано: 1
Описание: There are a powerful tool of the image information, tied to a geographical grid coordinates. This arsenal of GIS-technologies (GIS - geographic information system). But as soon disappears substrate for the image information layers - map - all methods of GIS remain out of work. In the book of the set and to some extent solved the problem of constructing such a substrate for an arbitrary set of data. Substrate, called card data, serves as a substitute for geographical map of where it simply does not exist. On the map data objects near possess similar properties. In addition to the role of the substrate for the application of information, the card serves as an information model of the data. Such a model can solve the important task of filling in data gaps and forecasting. The book consists of three relatively independent chapters. The aim of the first chapter is to give the reader a clear idea about the used in the field of the concepts and methods. The purpose of the second chapter is to provide the reader with everything necessary to start an independent creative activity in the field of data visualization. The third chapter begins with a brief description of the program of visualization of data ViDa Expert. After that are a few characteristic examples of the visualization.
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